Monsterkin Races

Shortly after Ouranos was defeated, they began appearing: strange hybrid individuals, less abberrant and monstrous than the creatures they resembled. These people came to be known as monsterkin, and their sudden appearance is as mysterious to them as it is to anybody else. Almost without exception, monsterkin suffer from a strange amnesia, unable to remember any of the details of their early lives.
In the handful of years that have gone by since they started appearing, the monsterkin have set up small conclaves in the wilderness, beyond the borders of the Mesiterran city-states. They are searching for an answer to the question of their origin. Most monsterkin are motivated by this search, and they are driven by a desire to fit in to the societies of the free peoples, to feel a sense of belongings. That said, some monsterkin have sought out and joined clans of their more abhorrent brethren—drider monsterkin traveling to the great drow cities, lamia monsterkin seeking out cruel and ruthless matriarchs in the desert, and kitsune monsterkin learning trickery and seduction from the fox demons of the far east.

Monsterkin seek out adventure in an attempt to find answers to their origin. They also tend to feel like ambassadors for their kind, striving to demonstrate their useful contributions to the greater society.

Unlike the abberations they resemble, monsterkin do not tend towards any particular alignment. The small settlements they inhabit are highly egalitarian, and they make their way into a variety of different societies when they do decide to leave and search for answers. Many monsterkin have an aversion to lawfulness since they exist on the fringes of society, but plenty of others end up becoming paladins or monks, devoting their lives to law and justice.

Many monsterkin feel betrayed by Lethe and Mnemosyne due to their amnesia, and tend to worship the elemental gods. Occassionally, monsterkin will worship darker deities, especially those monsterkin who seek belonging in communities of abberations and monsters.


Monsterkin Races

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