Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons

Excerpts from the Recollections of Aria the Runespoken

Aria spent a lot of time writing while she lived in Exsilium

Finding the Tower of Aletheia Written on the 16th day of the 7th Umbral Cycle, 1405. May the blessings of Mnemosyne lend verity to my memory and credence to my account. May the spirit of Lethe grant life to my retelling.

We awoke in a field outside Ostia. Even without his memory, Locust had figured out a way to bring us near to his home. As night fell and we prepared to travel northwest, dragons began attacking the city, and the fortress of General Kaisa, visible on the horizon south of the city. With these opening notes of the Ostian War in the background, we traveled to the halfling town of Hillsborough.

From there we traveled north, soon arriving at a mysterious, mirage-like tower in the Strom foothills. After we were tested by the sphinx guarding the entrance, we began to ascend the tower.

The tower was named Aletheia, and each floor tested our memory and problem solving. Challenged by sandmen, a cockatrice, and unforgiving traps, we eventually reached the top of the tower. The harpy that awaited us proved to be our toughest opponent, and Cypress fell to his death. Swallowing our fear and grief, Locust and I continued to the Chamber of Memory.

Concerning the Pilgrim’s Astrolabe Written on the 29th day of the 8th Umbral Cycle, 1405.

Since the discovery of the Tower of Aletheia, its location has become of paramount importance for the monsterkin. It is a site of pilgrimage for all monsterkin who wish to regain their memories. However, it has long been apparent that the tower moves frequently, and moves to many locations throughout the world.

The Pilgrim’s Astrolabe is a great achievement of magical scholarship. Combining astrological data with measurements of the world’s mana currents, the Astrolabe is able to predict the locations of the tower far into the future. Using the astrolabe, a pilgrim can predict when the tower will be nearby and for how long.

A note to pilgrims: the Tower of Aletheia is a great challenge and many have failed when confronting its challenges. Any pilgrim should be well-trained in combat and exploration…



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