Ten years have passed….

…since the tyrant Ouranos was defeated, and peace is returning to the lands of Mesiterra. Seleman Bearcharger rules over the dragons that Ouranos tried so hard to summon and control, but King Bearcharger is by all accounts a whimsical and unprincipled ruler. His top general, Kaisa, sees to most practical matters of state from her imposing palace in the hills above Ostia.

In the Southwest, across a sprawling island chain known simply as the Archipelago, a new order of knights has arisen. Working in collaboration with the metallic dragons, this order is known as the Radiant Lance, and they exist in tension with King Bearcharger. The Order of the Radiant Lance believes that dragons and men can live in harmony, and they enforce this philosophy from the backs of their fearsome dragon mounts.

But all of this grand geopolitical action obscures a more subtle change that is creeping into the world. Strange new races have started appearing throughout Mesiterra—lamias slithering into the bazaars on the edge of the desert, merfolk of all types seen dancing on the waves, driders frequenting settlements in the forests of the southern continent, and centaurs galloping across the plains in the east; ordinary folk disappear with increasing frequency from settlements on the frontier; mages complain about spells backfiring as the balance of magic in the world seems fearfully askew; and here in a tavern in the tiny crossroads town of Krushis, the most unlikely group of adventurers shares a hearty meal and good local ale, unaware that they will usher in the next age of this storied realm.

Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons

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