Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons


Krushis is basically Colebrook

Life in the sleepy crossroads town of Krushis has gone on more or less unchanged for the past age. Despite its relative proximity to Ostia, the town managed to stay out of Ouranos’ sights, and it was never an appealing place for refugees to settle down. The couple dozen houses, small general store, and busy yet quaint inn—The Saucy Sylph—have stood here on the edge of the Forest of Lethe for generations.

Krushis’ sleepy tranquility remained largely unbroken through the first ten years of King Bearcharger’s reign, but only a few months ago a strange girl wandered out of the woods. She resembled a driver, with the lower body of a spider, complete with eight legs and brilliant yellow and black orb, but from the waist up, instead of a sinister drow, the girl was a fair-skinned elf. She claimed to have amnesia, and after being briefly questioned by the innkeeper, it was apparent that she didn’t remember much of anything. The innkeeper gave the girl a name—Aria—and an apron, and put her to work in the inn.

Now the innkeeper keeps an eye out for travelers passing through the Sylph, seeking any clue as to where Aria may have come from, eager to return Krushis to the type of sleepy backwater town where nothing exciting ever happens, and nothing exciting ever will. Today, a group of adventurers at a table in the corner catches his eye…



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