Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons

My Heart Will Go On

Locust said, rather racistly.

5th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/5/1402 )

The party reaches a group of about 30 terrified monsterkin hiding deep in this cave, in a large cavern dimly lit by lanterns. A wounded centaurkin, who appears to be a leader, approaches them and tells them he wasn’t expecting to see their kind here, as the members of the two villages who are sheltering here were being pursued by a doomsaying seer and her disciples. The centaurkin’s name is Davin and he barely needs to ask for the party’s help before they jump to give it. Cypress heals Davin, then goes to help a lamiakin named Sybil tend the injured. Aria helps in the makeshift kitchen. Locust, or Kolima as he’s calling himself, mills around until Davin calls him over, tells him they don’t trust him, and asks him to stay near his companions. He ends up doing dishes under the overbearing supervision of a burly dragonkin. Locust never asks for his name.

After working around the shelter for a few hours, the party decides to spend the night here.

6th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/6/1402 )

Davin shows the party out in the morning, after they barter for rope and Sybil gives Cypress a couple of potions. Locust falls trying to climb out of the cave. At the cave entrance, Aria notices a trail of blood leading off into the woods. It seems Groph escaped. (And so a recurring enemy is born.)

The party heads back to the path and heads east towards Lake Aletheia, where they heard there is another monsterkin village that may be targeted. A group of dragons sails overhead, heading south-southwest.

As they are following the path eastward, they are approached by a woman wearing white robes, who walks gracefully and silently through the woods. The party takes a threat stance, assuming her to be the seer that Davin warned them about. At first, the things she says seem to confirm this suspicion.

The world is changing, she explains. She says the existing gods are dying out. And she says an ancient corruption is seeping into the world. Much to Aria and Cypress’ confusion, she calls their talky rogue “Locust,” which is apparently his actual name, and introduces herself by saying “Themis is what they will call me.” Then she turns her attention to the monsterkin, whom she calls her children. She says they are here one thousand years too early, and she says they were not awoken by her as they should have been. She fears they are the result of the corruption that even now threatens to overtake Mesiterra. When asked to elaborate she says only that “speaking its name would summon it here,” and explains that she is forbidden from interfering directly in the matters of this world. Eventually she says simply, “we will not meet in this manner again,” and walks off into the forest, disappearing as soon as the party looks away.

Battle at the Little Bridge

As the sun is getting low in the sky, the party reaches the lake, and and a spot where a small stream feeds into the lake through a narrow gorge spanned by a rope bridge. On a small peninsula across the stream from them, the party spots the seer and two of her disciples. Unfortunately for Locust, the party is also spotted. The seer casts obscuring mist on the peninsula and combat begins.

Not willing to use the bridge, Locust and Cypress attempt to jump the stream. Both fail, landing in the water and taking varying degrees of fall damage. The seer emerges from the mist reading a scroll, which causes Locust to run away, frightened. Aria climbs a tree and lets arrows fly when she has open shots. The seer descends on Cypress. Not content to simply wound him, she grabs one of his tails and slices it off with her sickle. Aria shoots her in the back for this.

Soon Locust returns. An acolyte also emerges from the mist. Locust notices the other acolyte running away to the east. The one acolyte that attempts to engage the party has little luck with either spear or sorcery. Aria drops the seer with another arrow in the back and she begins to drift out into the lake. Locust shoots the acolyte in the throat and then recovers the seers body and loots it, before letting her die.

Cypress attempts to stabilize the acolyte for questioning, but botches the attempt and the acolyte bleeds out as well.

The party then sets about searching this camp as the sun sets over the distant, western sea at their backs…

Party XP

400 points for everyone because everyone wins and the points don’t matter.

Arrows fired:


Human/Non-human ratio




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