Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's riiiight

I hope you have the tiiime of your liife.

6th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/7/1402 ) Late Night.

The party camps in the woods nearby, and midway through the night they are ambushed by a couple bugbears. Safely in the trees, Cypress and Aria observe as Locust hides in a bush. When the bugbears detect Locust and attempt to capture him, Aria and Cypress attack from range and eventually the simple-minded creatures are defeated.

7th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/8/1402 )

The next morning the party starts tracking the acolyte who escaped from the previous day’s battle, but they soon lose the tracks and have to decide what to do. At Locust’s urging, they decide to climb the mountains and travel to Musea.

8th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/8/1402 )

The party climbs the mountains to arrive at Musea late in the day. They encounter the Archmage Caeliel Ishtari Mardun Isiliel (Caeliel for short) and she helps them get a room in the dormitories. They see smoke rising over the forest to the west where their map shows one of the monsterkin villages is. They go back to the dormitory and sleep through the night.

9th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/9/1402 )

The next day the party spends exploring the town of Musea. Locust visits the library while Aria and Cypress hit the markets. They note the desert stretching away to the east and the forest to the west. The fire that was burning yesterday is gone.

Midday, Locust steals Caeliel’s grimoire since it’s the most valuable thing he’s ever seen. He runs back to the room, dumps out Cypress’ pack, and puts the book inside. Then he attempts to throw the pack onto the roof. When he fails and the rest of the party finds the pack, he bolts, heading north. He arrives at the Temple of Death in the late afternoon and hides out in the entrance to the Necropolis.

Aria and Cypress catch up to Locust in the temple as the sun is setting. After a heated exchange, they hear a moaning sound from in the necropolis and they run away. It takes the party much of the night to retrace their steps back to Musea, and then they sleep well into the next day.

10th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/10/1402 )

The party stocks up on supplies, Locust sells a bunch of his stuff, and they check in with Caeliel. She tells them the temple to the north is called the “Pyramid of the Death God” and it may be connected to a deity from outside the current pantheon, known as Artemis, Hine-Nui, or Themis, among other things. The party heads north towards the temple.

They arrive in the late afternoon. Locust screws up big time while searching a room for switches and ends up losing his foot. After some healing they head into the temple anyways, even though Locust slows the party down considerably.

After solving a simple puzzle and descending a spiral staircase, the party finds a portal. They drop a candle in, and a couple minutes later the candle pops back. After a bit more experimenting with candles, Locust hops into the portal. He comes back a couple minutes later after drifting through the Astral Plane, and he takes Cypress and ferries him across. The next time he pops through he sees Aria fighting something and he tells her to jump into the portal. She cannonballs in and the two hurtle towards the Spectral Plane aka the Umbral Moon.

Once in the Spectral Plane, the party investigates 3 pavilions. One has a chest with a set of 4, extremely magical, ivory 6-sided dice. Locust carefully places them in a pouch in his pack. The next pavilion the party visits has a statue of the goddess Mnemosyne. Locust finds a button on the statue, which he pushes. The button triggers a spell which causes Locust to slip part-way into the ethereal plane.

Everyone jaunts over to the final pavilion, where there is a statue of Lethe. The statue is wearing a robe, which when worn brings Locust back to the material plane.

Then Locust gets an idea, there is another button on this statue, which he presses. However, he loses focus during the shift to the ethereal, and Lethe—the goddess of forgetfulness—gently erases all of his memories. The mindless shell of Locust wanders away aimlessly onto the Plains of the Dead….



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