Mesiterra: Birth of the Daemons

Adventures in Trapfinding

Also featuring Groph the hobgoblin

5th day of the 9th Umbral Cycle, 1402 ( 9/5/1402 )

We join our talky rogue and kind cleric as they head east-southeast on a path deeper into the Forest of Lethe, following many monsterkin tracks from the village. The rogue stumbles along the road, while the kitsunekin cleric sticks to the underbrush, staying quiet and out of sight. The two have barely even gotten underway when they hear a muffled yelp from a couple hundred yards behind them in the forest, followed by a crash in the bushes. The two double back to investigate.

They find Aria, the driderkin from Krushis, picking spiderwebs off of herself and looking thoroughly disgusted. The cleric asks if she is okay, and she says she’s fine but she walked into some spiderwebs and spiders gross her out. She is outfitted for adventure, with a hooded cloak over her leather armor and a well-crafted longbow. She says she got the feeling the party wasn’t returning to Krushis and decided that this was the group she needed to be with, and she says she can handle a bow and knows how to track.

At this point everyone introduces themselves and I can start using actual names in these damn adventure logs.

The party, now made up of Thrask, Cypress, and Aria, heads back to the path and follows it into the forest. As they walk they begin to question Thrask’s motivations and sincerity. As Thrask is telling his monsterkin companions about how he doesn’t know how to handle a weapon, an arrow comes whistling out of the woods, narrowly missing him. Then a second arrow. The party holds the previous thought and focuses on fighting a couple of hobgoblins.

While Aria climbs a tree and snipes at the hobgoblins, Thrask and Cypress both get walloped to within an inch of their lives, but in the end the party emerges victorious! (Thank Saha for clerics…) Cypress intends to tie up the hobs and question them, but Thrask has other ideas. He impales one, and is getting ready to do the same to the second when Aria and Cypress stop him. They tie up the hobgoblin and wake him up.

Unsurprisingly, he only speaks Goblin.

Cypress instructs Thrask to knock out the hobgoblin instead of killing him. But in a poorly aimed display of intimidation, Thrask chops the creature across the face with its own longsword, leaving it permanently disfigured and once again dying. Cypress stabilizes the hobgoblin and the party is on their way.

By now Cypress and Aria have seen through “Thrask’s” lies, and they begin demanding the truth. Eventually this leads to Aria tackling the talky rogue as Cypress searches through his belongings. Thrask comes clean—to a degree—but he acts like the whole thing is a big joke, which further enrages Aria and Cypress. Nonetheless, they let him repack his bag and continue on as their companion, though they are keeping a close eye on him.

Level 1: Cave of the Ancients

The party follows the monsterkin tracks to a cave, which—after a bit of an argument about making torches—they enter. Thrask leads the way, checking for traps. Sure enough, after a couple hundred meters, they come upon a pit trap. Dropping Thrask’s bag onto the trap triggers it, leaving the pit. Aria recovers the pack and climbs to the other side, while Cypress simply jumps. Thrask doesn’t have enough overhead clearance to jump so he stays put while the other two try to find a way across the pit.

While they search for something to bridge the gap with, the hobgoblin from before shows up in the cave entrance. Thrask drops his torch down the pit and turns to face the invader. Then Aria and Cypress show up with a couple of planks. They place the planks across the pit and Thrask crosses. Then he waits until the hobgoblin has made its way onto the plank before kicking it out from under him, sending him tumbling into the pit. They continue onward.

The second trap fires an arrow. Thrask blindly dodges it, and instead it buries itself just below Cypress’ collarbone. Aria stabilizes him and they continue. They reach a vertical shaft that they must climb down. Cypress succeeds without trouble, and climbing is trivial for Aria. Thrask falls though, requiring another stabilization from Aria and a heal from Cypress.

Finally Thrask picks the lock on a large stone door, the party descends a spiraling stone stair, and they come face to face with two dozen terrified monsterkin.

Party XP

Talky Rogue Man: 600

Ninetails: 600

Moe Spider Girl: 600

Public Drunkenness Level


Average number of legs per character



Don’t forget! Anakin Cancer Orc The goblin caught on fire when he fell into that pit!

Adventures in Trapfinding

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